5G.NRW mmWave Experimental Platform

Test- und Demozentrum

Technical University of Dortmund
Communication Networks Institute
Otto-Hahn-Straße 6
44227 Dortmund

The experimental platform „5G mmWave“ of the Technical University of Dortmund, a unique research and demonstration laboratory in NRW, provides insights into the evolution of 5G. With the help of special antenna systems, which form electronically controllable, strongly directed „pencil beams“, radio spectra beyond the conventional mobile radio frequencies can be made usable and thus high bandwidths can be provided for mobile data services.

The team of Dortmund scientists is investigating in particular the dynamic tracking of pencil beams to ensure a stable communication connection for mobile network subscribers and the potential for improved location determination on the basis of this software-based, electronic antenna alignment. Using the experimental platform and the digital twin, this novel 5G technology can be presented to NRW companies and its future economic relevance in NRW can be discussed. The signal generation and processing is performed by software-defined radio systems, which provide a high degree of flexibility as a development platform.

Base station with antenna array generates pencil beam (electronically adjustable directivity).

Quadrocopter with horn antenna as exemplary mobile participant.

Mobility precisely reproducible due to fully automated rail system.


Digital twin for the visualization of antenna characteristics.


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photo source : TU Dortmund