2nd 5G.NRWeek, Tag 3: 6G Rocket Session – Challenges and Solution Perspectives: Gazing into the Crystal Ball


The Rocket Session will start today, Wednesday 08.09.2021 at 2pm and will be conducted as a Zoom Webinar.

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While current 5G deployments are gaining visibility based on progressing network expansion and the increased establishment of local and regional 5G campus networks, researchers and developers are discussing the next standardization steps within future 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) 5G releases, as well as future 6G evolution steps that go far beyond current 5G plans. While the 3GPP, as the globally active standardization organization responsible for 5G mobile communications technology, presents an almost clear development plan, the differentiation of further 6G evolution is still widely unclear. The discussion, which is driven not only by technology perspectives but also by politics and society, has so far been divided about specific characteristics of future 6G technology, which is forecasted for 2030.

However, the race towards 6G has already started and the basis for sustainable local value creation must be established in a timely manner. Against this background, this year’s 5G.NRW Rocket Session will seek an answer to the question of which 6G key trends are target-oriented in order to guarantee industry-oriented development and research, as well as a basis for later commercial exploitation under the label „6G Made in NRW„.

You can expect an interesting program with the following contributions from leading international experts and a concluding Q&A panel.

  • Welcome and introduction
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld, TU Dortmund und CC5G.NRW
  • VisionX: Semantic Communication Meets Machine Learning
    Professor Mehdi Bennis, Centre for Wireless Communications, University of  Oulu, and Research Fellow of Academy of Finland
  • Interoperable Wireless Time Sensitive Networking towards 6G
    Professor Ingrid Moerman, University of Ghent and imec, Belgium
  • 6G Wireless: A programmable Digital-sense Service Spaces
    Professor Haris Gačanin, RWTH Aachen and Coordinator of 6GEM Research Hub
  • THz for 6G
    Professor Thomas Kaiser, University of Duisburg-Essen and Speaker of SFB-Transregio “MARIE”
  • Closing Q&A Panel
    Perspectives on the future technology 6G: which are the game-changing developments? In which areas have new players the best chances?